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(by Will Koop)

October 28, 2010

My Very First Frack! - Or, No Love at First Frack!
(Talisman Energy Farrell Creek Operations frack,
north of Hudson's Hope, British Columbia)


November 1, 2010
The Komie Commotion - The BIG Gallop to
Siphon British Columbia's Deep Shale Gas
(A journey into the Horn River Basin fracking playground,
east and northeast of Fort Nelson.


December 2, 2010
Ben Parfitt's presentation to the
Federal Standing Committee on Natural Resources
on the deep shale gas industry and water use,
and criticism of the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission

(audio with video segments of northeast BC)


November 30, 2010
Excerpts from Voice of BC November 25, 2010 Broadcast
Community Television interview with Ben Parfitt
(Full-original version -

Part 1 - deep shale gas & water

Part 2 - deep shale gas & BC Oil & Gas Commission

Part 3 - Site-C dam and deep shale gas producers