A Preliminary Investigation of the
Fracking Assault on Poland


By Will Koop,
B.C. Tap Water Alliance
Vancouver, British Columbia
Released: January 23, 2012


Unconventional fracking, by way of powerful inter-linked diesel engine brute forces, is not just about cracking up geological shales far underground. It's much more than that! It's about using other unconventional brute forces to crack governments, communities and people! In other words, in order to frack the earth, it means fracking everything! (From the Preface and Executive Summary)

This report contains a title page, tribute page to Mark Lombardi, preface, table of contents, executive summary, 15 chapters, a conclusion and appendixes. Due to its sheer length and size (in megabytes), and hundreds of images, maps and illustrations,
it is divided into pdf downloadable separate section and chapter files (see below). Each divisional chapter / section is prefaced by the report's information title and the contents of that chapter / section.

One of the benefits and flexibilities of dividing the report in this manner is that, while the mix of all the chapters is intended to provide a cohesion of complex ideas and events concerning the fracking agenda in Poland (as part of the evolving and inter-connected fracking agenda for the world in general, through its controversial genesis in North America), a number of the chapters have stand-alone themes and features, whereby they can almost be treated as separate reports or essays. This is particularly true for chapters 5, 12 and 14.  

The Chapters that deal directly with Poland are the following:
Chapters 1, 7, 11, 13, and 15. The Chapters that deal less directly with Poland, but have details on Poland, are Chapters 4, 10 and 12.

This report was researched and composed over a four month period, and was entirely financed by the author.

- Title Page
- Tribute to Mark Lombardi
- Preface
- Table of Contents

(10 pages, 1.0 megabyte)


Executive Summary
and Table of Contents

(11 pages, 1.5 megabytes)


Chapter 1

(9 pages, 2.5 megabytes)
Who Fracked Poland First?


Chapter 2

(3 pages, 1.2 megabytes)
Russia, the EU, and the Unconventional Petroleum Complex - Natural Gas      Geopolitics and PR Spins


Chapter 3

(8 pages, 0.6 megabytes)
Exxon Fracks EU First! - Experts’ Report


Chapter 4

(23 pages, 2.7 megabytes)
Germany (Deutschland) Gets Ge-Fracked First (Erst)


Chapter 5
(35 pages, 1.7 megabytes)
The Baker Institute and “The Pursuit of Truth”: America’s Energy Policy and Business Kitchen


Chapter 6

(15 pages, 2.2 megabytes)
Royal Dutch Shell Fracks Sweden First but Suffers Shell Shock - Swedes Kick Shell’s Ass out of Sweden


Chapter 7

(15 pages, 3.5 megabytes)
D-Day Poland: The
April 8, 2010 Warsaw Conference


Chapter 8

(17 pages, 0.8 megabytes)
The U.S. State Department - The GSGI (Global Shale Gas Initiative) Double Whammy


Chapter 9

(24 pages, 2.4 megabytes)
Mr. Smith’s Mission: The Interstate Oil And Gas Compact Commission Comes to Europe


Chapter 10

(38 pages, 5.7 megabytes)
Harper’s Men in Poland


Chapter 11

(59 pages, 8.1 megabytes)
The Poland Portal Party


Chapter 12

(70 pages, 5.6 megabytes)
Operation Synergy: Fracking the World, Poisoning Our Minds And Hearts - the Emerging Global Dilemma of Petroleum Sponsored Strategic Messaging


Chapter 13

(10 pages, 1.5 megabytes)
The Warsaw Incident


Chapter 14

(49 pages, 7.9 megabytes)
(Well-Bore) Integrity On Trial: The Liability Nightmare


Chapter 15

(12 pages, 2.2 megabytes)
The Last Chapter: What is the Fate of Poland’s Water?


(Not yet available
- due shortly)



(31 pages, 0.5 megabytes)



Title Page

Mark Lombardi Tribute


Executive Summary

1.  Who Fracked Poland First?

2.  Russia, the EU, and the Unconventional Petroleum Complex - Natural Gas Geopolitics and PR Spins

3.  Exxon Fracks EU First! - Experts’ Report

    3-(1).  The Science Experts: EU Shale Intel Reports from the

        3-(1a).  The 2008 Committee Report

        3-(1b).  The 2009 Committee Report
        3-(1c).  The 2010 Committee Report

4.  Germany (Deutschland) Gets Ge-Fracked First (Erst)

4-(1).  Into the Rabbit Hole Hole: ExxonMobil Lures Herr Wulff to Houston’s Energy Forum Think Tank Baker Institute
4-(2).  October 19, 2011: Baker Boys’ Poland Invitational
    4-(2a).  What They Said and Didn’t Say in Houston
            - Djerejian
            - Ambassador Robert Kupiecki
            - Poland Undersecretary of State Beata Stelmach
            - “We” and “Them” in Richard Morningstar
            - Christopher Smith and the Crystal Fracking Ball
            - Andrzej J. Kozlowski - ORLEN and the New Era of
              Gas (Be Careful What You Wish For)
            - Halliburton’s Timothy J. Probert
            - Pawel Jgosiak

            - Patrick Wood III - Mr. Deregulation and the Pope

5.  The Baker Institute and “The Pursuit of Truth”: America’s Energy Policy and Business Kitchen

5-(1). General Djerejian’s Circles
    5-(1a).  Djerejian: Baker Hughes Inc.
    5-(1b).  Djerejian: Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    5-(1c).  Djerejian: Global Industries Ltd.
    5-(1d).  Roofer Djerejian: Incom Roofing Service Inc.
        5-(1d)-1.  Wise with Haddington
        5-(1d)-2.  Brigadier White
    5-(1e). The Baker Boys, the CFR and Cheney’s Secret
                Energy Task Force
        5-(1e)-1.  Task Force Members
        5-(1e)-2.  Cheney’s Secret Meetings
    5-(1f).  Djerejian: Council on Foreign Relations and Think

6.  Royal Dutch Shell Fracks Sweden First but Suffers Shell Shock - Swedes Kick Shell’s Ass out of Sweden

     6-(1).  Shell Launches into Public Relations Mode
     6-(2).  Shell says Sayonara Sweden - Hello China, Hello

7.  D-Day Poland: The April 8, 2010 Warsaw Conference

8.  The U.S. State Department - The GSGI Double Whammy

    8-(1).  Shale Gale Goldwyn
    8-(2).  Goldwyn’s GSGI: Two-Birds-With-One-Stone “Whole
               of Government” Approach
    8-(3).  The Secret Washington D.C., GSGI International
    8-(4).  Goldwyn’s Departure - Role Playing Shift (You Know,
               the Revolving Door
    8-(5).  The Shadows and Mr. Morningstar

9.  Mr. Smith’s Mission: The Interstate Oil And Gas Compact Commission Comes to Europe

    9-(1).  Alabama’s and Colorado’s/New Mexico’s
               Unconventional Legacies
    9-(2).  LEAF Takes on the Big Petroleum Tree
    9-(3).  Ground Water Council Grinds the Data with the
    9-(4).  Mr. Smith in Europe

10.  Harper’s Men in Poland

    10-(1).  Canadian Ambassador Costello Heralds Canadian
    10-(2).  Alberta Petro Frackers’ “Public Interest” Regulator
                 Guinea Hen Flies to Poland
    10-(3).  Who is ERCB’s George Eynon?
    10-(4).  Toxic Wasteland Alberta: A Cautionary Tale for
                 Poland. The ERCB and the Big No-No: Drilling-
                 Toxic-Waste Land-Spreading in Alberta ... “in the
                 public interest” (NOT)
    10-(5).  ERCB Ignores Alberta Wheatland County By-Law
    10-(6).  Petro-Alberta's Regressive Laws

11.  The Poland Portal Party

    11-(1).  Big Petroleum and the Instant U.S.-Poland Business
    11-(2).  The Shadow World of Geo-Political Messaging:
                Public Relation Firms in Poland
    11-(3).  The Wroclaw Global Forum
    11-(4).  EU Presidency Countdown - U.S. Poland Relations
            11-(4a).  June 22-23, 2010
            11-(4b).  July 19-20, 2010
            11-(4c).  September 17, 2010
            11-(4d).  October 18, 2010
            11-(4e).  December 8, 2010
            11-(4f).   February 28 - March 5, 2011 - Sikorski’s
                           Strategic Visit to Washington
    11-(5).  The fuel for the Investor’s PR Gas: The EIA Global
                 Report on Shale Gas
    11-(6).  Experimenting in Poland - Pomerania (Qatar North?)
    11-(7).  The Concession Procession
    11-(8).  May 6, 2011 - “Cracking the Minds of the People”
    11-(9).  May 11-12, 2011
    11-(10).  May 18, 2011: 44 Days Before the EU Presidency -
                   D-Day-2. The Big Kahoona Pro-Fracking
                   Conference and the Organized Media Rallying Cry
                   Against EU Fracking Regulation in Poland
    11-(11).  May 27, 2011 - U.S. President Obama Arrives in
                  Poland (35 days to go)
    11-(12).  November 4, 2009 - the U.S.-EU Energy Council as
                   a fracking conduit into the EU
    11-(13).  The Supergrid
    11-(14).  May 31 - June 1, 2011 - One Month to the EU

12.  Operation Synergy: Fracking the World, Poisoning Our Minds And Hearts - the Emerging Global Dilemma of Petroleum Sponsored Strategic Messaging

    12-(1).  Back at the Ranch: The Leaked Alberta Ministry
                 Fracking Briefing Note and the Public Relations
                 Messaging Agenda about Fracking
    12-(2).  September 21-22, 2011 Calgary “Water” Conference
                 and the Synergy Shadow
    12-(3).  Heffernan and Trident
    12-(4).  Hanky McCranky Panky and the Synergy Love-In
    12-(5).  The Big MAC Meetings
    12-(6).  Enter Ernst
    12-(7).  Synergy’s Savage: The Sin-In-Us-Energy and
                 Un-Holy Gas
    12-(8).  Synergy on the Loose - 2008 and Beyond
    12-(9).  The September 2011 Krakow Conferences
            12-(9-1).  Krakow One
            12-(9-2).  Krakow Two
    12-(10).  PsyOpsGate: Unconventional Public Relations at
                   Halloween Houston
            12-(10-a).  Darko Anadarko
            12-(10-b).  Way Out of Resource Range
    12-(11).  The Synergy Ranch

13.  The Warsaw Incident

14.  Integrity On Trial: The Liability Nightmare

    14-(1).  Reality Check: Responsible or Irresponsible?
                 Prudent or Imprudent? Prudent or Perverted?
                 Definitely not Sustainable and Very Unconventional
    14-(2).  International Well Bore Integrity Committee Makes
                 Shocking Statements
    14-(3).  Big Canada Petroleum and Canadian Government
                 Gas Migration Studies - 1990s
            14-(3.a).  Ron P. Schmitz, P. Carlson, M.D. Watson,
                            B.P. Erno -1993 Husky Oil Study
            14-(3.b).  R.W. Krooyman, M.B. Muir, R.P. Marcinew,
                            K. Bennaceur in Manitoba
            14-(3.c).  Dyck & Dunn in Saskatchewan
    14-(4).  The 1994 Chafin (in the closet) Report
    14-(5).  Post Chafin: The New Bradenhead Policies
    14-(6).  Maestro Muehlenbachs Measures the Mix of
                 Man-Made Migrant Molecules Making Much
    14-(7).  Dr. Anthony Ingraffea’s Eastern Canada Invitational

15.  The Last Chapter: What is the Fate of Poland’s Water?

15-(1). The Krakow Declaration
15-(2). Groundwater Protection and Monitoring



        Appendix A:  B.C. Tap Water Alliance:
- Presentation to the Canadian federal Standing Committee
               on Natural Resources, February 3, 2011;
            - Press release - Public Inquiry Needed to Address Human
              Health and Environmental Risks Posed by Shale Gas
              Drilling, Coalition Says

        Appendix B:  Halliburton News Release, July 9, 2010 - First
                               Shale Fracturing Operation in Poland 

        Appendix C:  David L. Goldwyn

        Appendix D:  Andrew Nikiforuk Articles, in The Tyee (March
                          17, 18, 2011) - The Gwyn Morgan File: Rise of a
                          Shale Gas Baron
, and EnCana’s Grip on BC

        Appendix E:  Landman-Gate

        Appendix F:  Andrew Nikiforuk, 2006 - Fire Water and Dr.

        Appendix G:  WPP